Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carter's 1st birthday! Vintage Toy Themed

We had Carter's first birthday party on October 1, 2011.
Zach and I went into Carter's room in the morning to see his face when he noticed the balloons tied to his crib!  It was a blast starting that way!

Then we dressed him vintage style

 We hosted it at my parents house, thank you guys so much for opening your doors for our party!  It was a blast and although I overthought every detail and worried it wouldn't play out as I envisioned, it was perfect.  I love party planning and found I love it even more than I thought!  Come that day, the main thing was celebrating my beautiful boy and celebrating the full life he has already lived and the 12 months of joy he has brought us! 
One of my highschool best friends, Megan Dunleavy, has taken up photography and does a beautiful job!  She helped me play up the Vintage theme by adding her robin's egg blue vintage high chair and using our radio flyer wagon as she photographed him before the party.  It was better than I could have imagined ! Here's my beautiful boy the morning of his celebration!  Thank you Megan!

Warming up to the camera!  But how beautiful is he in that high chair with the background?!

I live for that cheeeeseee smile!  And those hair flippys!

Totally obsessed with this pic because he does this face all. the. time.  He is "smelling" something!

Ohhhh....sweet smile!

Just melting.  Yep, I am.

He does not sit still.  And especially in a fun wagon!

Model pose.

Definitely a happy guy!  And why not, it's his birthday!!!

Forget sitting in the wagon, how bout pushing the wagon!?

Even though Carter is over this pic, I love the setting, the props and the fact that it's my family!  I love these boys!

We came back to the house and Megan did his smash cake pictures:

Rolls!!  and suspenders!

Make a mess baby!

Meg did great capturing happy photos of him, but he did not like the cake! He gagged multiple times!

Ok, the party pics!  Here are the decorations!
Table done vintage style with Cracker Jacks, old fashioned candy, and an old Coca Cola crate that I got off of Ebay.  Block letters and old fashioned toys added to the feel.

The smash cake with a Radio Flyer wagon on top.  Old fashioned apple pies bought from Kroger as an accent.

Mason jars for drinks with vintage red and white striped straws from Etsy.

The 12 month Red wagon photo banner I made

Funfetti cake balls with red and blue sprinkles in place of a cake, because it seems no one ever eats the cake!  I had a blast making them!

Sock Monkey must make an appearance at a vintage themed party

Little accents throughout the house to tie it all in together

Carter was spoiled rotten!!!

I used a mason jar for a time capsule for Carter.  People wrote verses, memories, or notes to him.  He'll open it when he turns 18!
The people who love our boy and helped celebrate him on this special day!  We love you guys!

Carter thinks he little bit bigger than he actually is!

Loving on our ONE YEAR OLD!

Silly secrets between Christi and Kenadi

The Hiner twins- I mean Dad and son

Chad and Cooper

Owen found something delicious!

Uncle Cody loving on sleepy Carter

Hugs and love for our family and friends!

My angel boy, Nathan

The Websters

Sleepy!  What a great day!


Meg, Sheila, and Sarah

Something caught Devon's attention!


Andy and Mom

Dad and Landon

Bethany and swseet Cooper

Jordan and Carter are staying entertained

Love!  Carter and Brie

Aunt Sarah reading to lil man

Sweetest, most precious beautiful girls I know!

My favorite ladies!!  Meg, Sheila, me, Sarah, Katherine, Jackie, Devon, and Bethany!  Plus babies of course!

Landon wants to help open presents

I sure love this lil angel baby

Thank you to everyone for making this a very special and memorable day!  We love you all!

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  1. Wow!! What a lot of work, but great pics so even though he doesn't remember it, there are still wonderful memories :o)