Friday, February 10, 2012

The Godfather!

We went back to Michigan on October 5th (Carter's birthday) to spend the weekend there celebrating my Uncle Dennis-who is also my Godfather's- wedding to his beautiful bride Kathy!  We had a wonderful, yet short, time seeing our family!  Carter did great on the plane though, slept for about an hour and made the trip there fairly easy.

We stayed with my grandparents house where my parents and Uncle Dennis stayed too!  Party place after the little one went to bed! ;)  It was wonderful because we got to spend a lot of quality time with Uncle Dennis.  I was his practice dance partner as he prepared for his first dance with Kathy, we had LOTS of great food thanks to my wonderfully talented chef of a grandma, and of course our nights went a bit later than planned because we became wrapped up in conversation. 
Our first night there, we had a pizza party with my grandparents.  The next day, we went to Uncle John's Apple Orchard, a long time favorite orchard of my parents who went there as they were growing up!  It was a wonderful experience.  Michigan's colors were changing, so that was exciting to see since we have 2 colors here in Texas, brown and brown with green tint.  We gave in to the temptation to have fresh made doughnuts at the orchard with our fresh cider.  We took Carter to the play area and let him go bananas playing with anything he could get his hands on.  After he had his fun, we (my parents, Zach and I) had our fun at the orchard's own wine tasting barn.  Of course on this day of indulgence, we also sampled the homemade fudge!  Aunt Krista met us for lunch at a Greek restaurant after that where we ate way too much, knowing that night we'd again eat way too much at my Uncle's Rehearsal dinner. 

Beautiful Captain and GIgi with the Beautiful Michigan backdrop

YUM!  Fresh cider!

Playing at the orchard

The Rehearsal dinner, on Thursday night, was very enjoyable.  All of my Aunts and Uncles were there, and of course Uncle Dennis's kids, my cousins, were there too.  Blair and Laura are pregnant with their first baby girl and moved to Turkey right after our visit there.  So that was wonderful getting to enjoy some convo time with them!  I can't wait to hear about their adventures in Turkey. 
I had my movie star moment on Friday.  My Aunt Krista owns an upscale second hand boutique --see Fashion Hunters on Bravo anyone? -- and she was haivng a commercial made for her shop.  Who were her stars?  Mom and I!  So, we spent the morning filming a commercial before coming home to get ready for Uncle Dennis's wedding.  It was fun and I loved trying on some of the clothes--especially the Ralph Lauren jacket that was being resold for $2,000 as it was 1 of 400 made in the world!  If you're in the Michigan area, watch for the commercial K2 Boutique. 
The wedding was gorgeous!  Uncle Dennis and Kathy were beaming and so very in love.  Carter thought the first 10 minutes of this hour long wedding was his chance to show his vocal talents---that meant Zach spent the entire wedding outside in the lobby-where Carter could still be heard!  He gave him the dinner I packed for Carter while he waited for the wedding to end and that included strawberries that I chopped up.  We got to the reception, which was already past Carter's bed time, and decided we'/d just see how long he could make it!  Well, it wasn't long.  As dinner was being served, Carter was at his end.  So I skipped dinner and went out to try to calm him and rock him to sleep.  No such luck, he got more and more worked up!  Zach came out to switch me so that I could hear my Dad's (hilarious) best man speech.  I listened to it and the sound of my son getting more and more hysterical.  When I came out with all of our stuff, I noticed welts all over his face!  He was having an allergic reaction to the strawberries.  I didn't even think of that when I packed them!  He had had lots of strawberry flavored things before so I didn't think twice.  Well, that's what caused his meltdown.  We were back at Grandma and Grandpa's house by 9:30 with Carter in bed.  It was a bummer missing out on talking to any of my cousins, but Zach and I decided to take the moment of quiet to enjoy each other and a glass of wine.   Luckily, even though we were leaving the next morning, my family was hosting a baby shower for Laura at Grandma and Grandpa's so I got to see them briefly.  I'm thrilled we went, and wish we could have had more time to talk to everyone!  Hopefully on the next round!

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