Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And then there were 4

Carter, what's Daddy's surprise?:  "Mommys pegnant".  This is how Zach found out on Tuesday, June 5 that we are having our second beautiful baby.  We had just returned from San Diego on Monday where we went to watch Zach complete his first Marathon!  Wow, did he do great!  We had talked about celebrating that night with some champagne.  After putting Carter to bed extra late since he wasn't adjusted to the time and Zach being wiped out from just running 26.2 miles, we decided to forego the champagne and go to bed early.  I had a feeling I was pregnant so I took a pregnancy test.  There were many things that gave me that feeling.  Along with the normal symptoms, the weirdest was that Zach and I both had a version of the same baby dream a few nights prior.  I thought that's pretty tell-tale.  So I went out to get the test, the old fashion kind that doesn't read a positive result 6 days early.  It was negative.  I didn't believe it, I was sure I was pregnant.  So, the next day, I went to the store and bought the latest technology, the "we identify results up to 6 days early" kind and needless to say it confirmed my suspicions, twice.  And a third time the next day. I was pregnant! 
I decided to tell Zach by playing off the celebrate -your- achievement- of- the- marathon- and- oh- by- the- way- you- have- another- baby- on- the- way.  So, when he got home I had sparkling cider in champagne glasses on the table since we skipped out the night before along with a bag and an achievement card.  He saw the champagne glasses and got a suspicious look on his face, as it is clearly not the same color as regular champagne.   He insisted we have a sip, I'm sure to give himself the affirimitive.  We did so with another suspicious look and big smile.  I couldn't look at him after that because I'm an awful liar and was so excited anyways for him to find out that I was grinning ear to ear. But I still prompted him to read his card.  In it, I focused on the marathon, how proud I was of him, listed out some of his qualities that I admire in him that got him through this but transposes to his everyday life. I told him that me and the kids are lucky to have such a role model.  Not extremely forward but giving a semi obvious hint.  The bag had an I Love Dad onesie in it that would be the obvious give away.  I told Carter when I found out the news that "Mommy's pregnant".  He doesn't get it all the way, but being the parrot that he is, picked up on copying it right away.  So, I thought I'd use it to my advantage and tell him to say that when Mommy says, "What's Daddy's surprise?"  So here we are after he reads his card, just as he's picking up the bag.  I decided to see if Carter would pull it off, so I asked him his cue question "Carter, what's Daddy's surprise" where he immediately got a grin just the same size as mine...ear to ear smiling with his eyes just lit up and yells the news "Mommy's pegnant".  We all 3 started laughing and giggling and Zach was elated.  He hugged and kissed us both and we couldn't stop talking about how great it was that Carter nailed it. :)   He opened the bag afterwards and was thrilled.  We so wish we had the excitement on video, but what a great memory we will always have!  We can't wait to welcome our newest joy next spring, February 14th!! Our Valentine's baby.   We're thrilled to be growing our family!!

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