Tuesday, August 14, 2012

18 months of Joy!

I am kicking myself!!  Hard.  I haven't posted any of Carter's "stats" since 6 months, including when he took his first step, first word, etc.  I realized this when I came searching my "always updated blog" to find those for his baby book.  SO, now...to get better at this!  We're at 18 months now!  Just to show the growth:
9 month stats:  He was 30" (90% in height)  19.8 lbs (40% in weight)
12 month stats: He was 31.5" (90%) 22.5 lbs (50%)
15 month stats: He was 32.75"  (90%) 24.12 lbs (60%)
Ok, on to the 18 month info:  We were told not to expect height or weight growth much because they tend to slow down in growth at this point.  Our doctor was surprised when she did his measurements:

18 month stats: 34" (90%) 25.1 lb (55%)  He's quite a growing boy still!  This kid, as I have said in many posts, is extremely---EXTREMELY energetic and is on full blast all day long, until those sleep times come where he is literally begging me to go to sleep.  If I am later than his norm at all, he is telling me "Mommy, night night, nap"  What a blessing that he enjoys his sleep!  He puts himself to sleep completely without crying or trouble.  He is easy in this department! 
Dr. Burns was also impressed with his vocabulary.  Carter says 3-4 word phrases all the time and there are few words that he doesn't , or at least attempt, to say.  He seems to love language!  He identifies letters,  both by pointing when asked "Where is letter A" and can be given letters and asked to "Tell me what letter you have".  He surprises me and can tell me letters that I have NO recollection of going over with him, so now he knows A-K, M-T, X, Z.  It blows me away and he is si proud of himself when he does it!  He had the "Q" in his hand the other day and ran to me telling me the letter.  What?  I've never taught him Q, must be a Daddy moment, but I was impressed!
He is counting, 1-3 now and loves being asked "How many _____ do you want?" Most of the time he says 2, but remembers that 3 is more and will change to 3 occasionally with a "I-just-beat-the-system face".  He's a silly kid.

We had our first "traumatic" moment during his 18th month.  We were leaving our house and he fell and landed face first on concrete.  I noticed a bit of blood, but initially thought he bit his tongue.....until the blood began gushing.  Looking into his mouth, I saw that where a top front tooth normally was, there was a hole staring back at me.  There was no trace of the tooth, it was swallowed!  So, that lead to his first Dentist appointment.  They were wonderful with him and informed us that fake teeth aren't given to kids under 3 but that at 3 he needs to have one put in due to speech development and spacing of his teeth.  So, we'll be visiting that dentist again down the road. 

Carter is very into the park right now and requests to go there all the time.  He has friends that he loves to see and asks for them by name often.  He's a social kiddo and I love it.  Swim is going good, we're moving him up to the next level, which means he will be a Super Waterbaby and will not need me in the pool with him while he swims.  It'll be interesting to see how he does.  I think it's a good transition though because we enrolled him in Mother's Day Out starting in August.  He will be going Wednesdays.  The class is from 9-3, but I'll take him out at 12 before nap.  I need the transition for me...haha, I'm going to be sad without my baby....yet productive!  Hopefully after a semester I can see how he's doing and decide if I want to let him stay the whole day.   I'm a bit worried about nap time, but I suppose it'd be good for him.  The school seems good though and the director was great.

We're trucking away and learning something every day.  Love raising this little guy!

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